Naughty Nori

Date: November 11, 2018 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Hello my name is Nori, and I have just celebrated my 3rd birthday with my new family! My hoomans actually baked me a cake and made me wear a party hat (how silly) 🐶

I felt so much love not just on that day itself but since the first day I stepped into my new place! I get fed yummy food everyday and I discovered my love for blueberries, yoghurt and even broccoli!

Naughty Nori 111118 A
My family says I’m a naughty girl and calls me naughty Nori but they never bear to scold me 😬 I think that is because I’ve gotten furrier and hence cuter because of all the coconut oil treatments that I’ve gotten since day 1! (FYI I used to look a little like a mouse of of my bald patches and almost hairless tail 🐭)

Many of my friends are still waiting for their forever home and I hope they will be as lucky as me soon! 🐾

Lots of love,

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