Our bunch of friends

Date: May 16, 2016 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight


Jolene, Maran, Rem, Lisa and Trey (left to right)

Our shelter has seen better days for sure. The building has been around for years and little by little, bits are falling apart.

The dilemma is that while the land it’s on will be taken back by the government in around two years, we still have to maintain it as well as we can so our dogs will have the most conducive environment for their rehabilitation and recovery. This has been, and will always be, our top priority.

In the past months, one by one, the electric fans have started to breakdown. We have tried to repair them but it has proved to be difficult and time-consuming as they need to be taken down, then sent to a shop. And often, the fans are beyond repair as they are used more than 12 hours non-stop, daily.

The past months have also seen record highs when it comes to heat and humidity. You cannot imagine how high the temperature in the shelter can get. Hence, keeping the dogs cool is extremely important.

We have great news to share. A bunch of friends, whom we got to know as a result of our search for a contractor to look into renovations for our proposed clinic, heard about the problem we are facing with the spoilt fans and generously offered to pay for new fans. That’s not all; they also volunteered to install them and upgrade the wiring in the areas where the fans were mounted.

They spent almost 8 hours in the shelter yesterday, dismantling the old fans, drilling the walls, mounting the new fans, replacing old wires, and a whole lot more work. Now, we have eight brand new fans to complement the existing ones.

When all of them were switched on, the whole shelter felt cooler immediately. The other positive outcome is the improved ventilation which will be a boon for the staff and volunteers who spend hours caring for the dogs each day.

Lisa, Rem, Maran, Trey, Jolene, Arveen and Siva: Thank you for your generosity and helpfulness. You have contributed immensely towards the well-being of our precious dogs. For this, we will always be grateful!

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