Our wonderful volunteer Lynn Chen

Date: October 29, 2015 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight

Our Wonderful Volunteer Lynn Chen 291015
This week, we celebrate our wonderful volunteer Lynn Chen. Lynn started volunteering at SOSD three years ago, even before we had our current shelter! What started out as bathing and walking the dogs on weekends grew to be a complete involvement, when she stepped up to become a pack walk coordinator and kicked off a new walk on Wednesdays so that the shelter dogs can get more exercise.

A few mere months into volunteering for SOSD, Lynn was bitten by one of SOSD’s dogs while dressing his wounds. The injury was severe, requiring surgery and cast immobilisation for two weeks. In spite of that, Lynn never let the experience deter her passion in helping the dogs — she wasted no time and returned to volunteer as soon as she recovered.

Lynn says, “I started volunteering with SOSD three years ago and now I can’t imagine a Wednesday without spending time with the dogs. It’s hugely satisfying to see a scared and withdrawn dog open up after some TLC from the SOSD vollies — but nothing beats the awe I still feel when I watch time and time again, a dog blossoming into a his/her true confident and happy self when he/she finds a furever home, where they feel completely safe and surrounded by love.”

It would have been easy for Lynn to just make a monetary donation to SOSD and be satisfied with her contribution to the animal rescue cause. Instead, she not only talks the talk but also walks the walk (quite literally!). Under her influence, some of her friends who never had dogs decided to adopt from SOSD and other animal welfare groups. She is someone who leads by example and is much loved and respected by fellow volunteers. We thank and appreciate Lynn for her contributions!

If you, like Lynn, have the compassion for dogs and would like to take them on pack walks — or help them in any other way — too, visit www.sosd.org.sg/join-us-as-volunteers/!

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