Patient and Low-Energy Scarlett

Date: September 10, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“Both of us are animal lovers and had wanted a dog for quite some time. We were however worried that given our long working hours, the dog would not receive sufficient attention and love.

It’s by chance that we went for the SOSD Open House and met the friendly rehoming team there. We shared our fears of long working hours but we were introduced to Scarlett, a very patient and low-energy dog.

I suppose it was match at first sight. Over the next three weeks, we visited Scarlett, walked her and fed her. It took a lot of time and patience for Scarlett to even face us and for us to stroke her fur. We eventually took the plunge and decided to take her home for a homestay.

Both of us never had dogs before. Neither has Scarlett stayed in a home before. It was a steep learning curve for both of us. However, love and trust prevailed.

Scarlett had to be “dragged” in and out of the lifts because she had never seen one before. On the second day we brought her down, she refused to go back into the lift after the walk. We spent 5 hours cajoling her and even had to bring water down. Kind neighbours chipped in with treats and chairs, and we bonded with the neighbours through our new dog.

Next day, we simply sat by the lift for two hours, feeding her treats when the lift doors opened. It was with such immense satisfaction and joy that Scarlett trusted us enough finally to follow us into the lift and out!

Scarlett was also massively scared of bicycles, children, cars, trucks.. basically anything that moved faster than a dog. The walks during the first few days took a long time because she would stop at any foreign object. After days with Scarlett, we’re glad that she trusts us to protect her from any fast moving objects, and walks alongside us.

Having a dog is like having a new baby. You learn to adapt your routine to fit her, and she also fits her routine around you. We are healthier now, we take more walks. We laugh at each other as we try to settle Scarlett in. It’s also a great feeling to wake up to a dog wagging her tail at you, or smelling you as you return home. More importantly, the satisfaction of being able to pour one’s love and compassion on a shelter dog, and getting it reciprocated, is an experience not many will get.

Thank you SOSD for matching us with Scarlett, and do continue to do the meaningful work you do so well!”

– Scarlett’s Adopters

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