Priscilla, Nala’s adopter

Date: January 29, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Priscilla, Nala's adopter
“Since I started my volunteer journey at animal shelters in 2013, I’ve grown to appreciate how much joy our very own Singapore Specials can bring and I set my heart on adopting, not purchasing, my first dog. I met Nala (originally named Pearly) when I was volunteering at SOSD. The SOSD rehoming team introduced me to Nala based on my family’s lifestyle and I was obviously not familiar with her on our initial introduction. Then my pack-walk IC was kind enough to allow me to walk Nala every week when she became aware of my intention to adopt Nala.

Initially, Nala was very wary of me, always avoiding me whenever I tried to leash her and was always looking for her regular handlers. However, after four weeks or so, she began to recognise me and voluntarily came forward to be leashed! As more weeks passed, she would come up to me, wag her tail and lick my hand as her way of showing affection. Part of the rehoming process was to have my family join the pack walks to get to know Nala. My family and I grew closer to Nala through this process and saw her true personality. She was so adorable with her one floppy ear!

But things didn’t go according to plan. On the first day of her homestay, we fenced her in whenever she was not under supervision. However, Nala was able to knock over the fence countless times and we were worried she might develop separation anxiety or hurt herself. But encouraged by some of the SOSD volunteers’ positive experiences with Nala in a home environment, we decided to let Nala roam free, hoping that our furniture will remain intact even when we were not around and that she won’t hurt herself.

“Thankfully, all went well and now, as well as being able to stay at home alone without any issues, Nala understands her boundaries really well and only enters our rooms when invited in. Without fail, Nala would also come wagging her tail (most of the time also wagging her butt or body) to greet us when we wake up every morning or when we return home.

Life has definitely been different with Nala around. We have more walks to the park, we explore places we have not been before and we meet new friends and dogs too! I earnestly encourage everyone to adopt, because shelter animals are indeed really special in their own quirky ways.”

– Priscilla, Nala’s adopter

SOSD’s next adoption drive is on
Sunday, 5 Feb 2017, 1 pm to 5 pm
Evolve K9 Training Centre
53 Jalan Tua Kong
Singapore 457251

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