Rhamsy & Lee Boon with Roy

Date: May 9, 2021 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“18 years ago, when I was in the Philippines, I had dogs of different breeds (e.g. Pitbull, Rottweiler, Labrador Retriever, Doberman). You name it, I have it! And I even brought a dog into the classroom during my University days! That was how exciting my life used to be. This passion for dogs lessened when I came to Singapore. The rules and regulations of owning a furry companion are pretty strict, as compared to back home. I am now married to a Singaporean, and we have 2 beautiful daughters. My family, especially my wife, has always wanted a dog since she didn’t have a chance to own one when she was younger. I also wanted to have my kids to experience loving and caring for a dog as a member of our family. My passion re-ignited when I see Roy’s profile on SOSD’s website. Roy is a Singapore mixed breed, and it was indeed a love at first sight with him, so I proceeded to sign up to adopt him. We were quite uncertain on whether we would get a reply but I didn’t lose hope. After a few weeks of uncertainty, my prayers were answered! I received an email from a SOSD volunteer Nicola explaining Roy’s medical history and asking whether I was still keen to adopt him. My answer was “Yes”. After a week, another kind volunteer from SOSD, Lynnette texted me and arranged the smooth transition of Roy to our small family.
Roy was found at Sembcorp Marine when he was still a pup. He was rescued by SOSD and stayed in a foster home after that. He subsequently went for a few homestays, but was returned as his potential adopters found it challenging to manage his medical condition. Yes, you heard it right. Roy has a condition, a lifelong condition called megaesophagus. Roy requires extra care during his meal times. He needs to be fed in an upright position using the Bailey Chair. There will be times of regurgitation especially in a new environment. When a dog like Roy has megaesophagus, his esophagus weakens, becomes enlarged, and develops pockets where the food become trapped. As a result, the food doesn’t always make it to the dog’s stomach. Despite his condition, 2.5-year-old Roy is joyful, very well-behaved and most of all, he is very friendly, sweet, and very loving. If you were to ask me now if I’m still keen to adopt Roy. My answer to you, is still a “Yes”!

Our plan as a family is very straightforward, and that is to give a “Forever Home for Roy”. It may take a little more effort, time and patience than usual to look after him, with trial and error when it comes to management of a dog suffering from megaesophagus.
I believe we are perfect for Roy, as we are committed to take care of him and accompany his journey as one Family. Roy has conquered our hearts, and we have introduced ourselves as his parents, and 2 siblings who will help to look after him. We are Roy’s Family now. And I do believe that dogs speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”
An amazing adoption story from Rhamsy & Lee Boon, who painstakingly took over caring for Roy. We wish them all the love and happiness!
If you would like to learn more about adopting a Singapore Special, please visit http://sosd.org.sg/adopt-a-dog/
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