Road to Love

Date: September 4, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

“I started my contact with Scott as a fosterer. It started as an impulse after I was reading on SOSD. And because they are efficient, I got a phone interview before I could have second thoughts about it.

I thought the idea was neat as it allows me to enjoy having a puppy in my place for a short term, free a slot in the shelter for another stray and have hands-on training for free!


Scott, then an 8-month-old grown up puppy, was proposed as he had already been grass trained. He was tall, black and fearsome looking and absolutely how I would secretly wish my dog (if I were to have) to be!

The next couple of weeks were a test for dog fosterers/adopters. I remember Scott humping all of us, tearing up every soft toy I gave him within minutes, ate my make-up, chewed my hair brushes, watch and shredded my cousin’s “beloved stinky bolster”. To be honest, it was never Scott’s fault. He did not know what we wanted. The crux lies in how to communicate to your dog what you require (and not) of him. And thus I started watching loads of Cesar Millan clips.

It hadn’t been an easy journey. But you know what? You aren’t alone in this. SOSD volunteers are always behind your back, supporting you and cheering you on as you strive to be a responsible dog owner.

Taking care of Scott taught me a few things I lack – patience, assertiveness, calmness, discipline. And most importantly love… You know it is love inside you when you see him well fed, well exercised and sleeping peacefully on his bed at the end of a day and oddly you feel blessed and contented.

Scott Adopter Shi Ling

And that is why I knew I had to adopt him :)”

From Shi Ling, Scott’s adopter

Adopt, Don’t Shop.

There are still many dogs at our shelter looking for their furever homes. Come meet them at our next adoption drive! We’ll be at The Cornerstone, 1380 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, S-569830 on 6 September!

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