Scooby and Annabel

Date: November 19, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories, Volunteer Spotlight
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“When we went down to the adoption drive, we had no particular dog in mind and all we wanted was a dog, any dog. We saw Scooby with Alvin, asked some questions and were happy with him, at least enough for us to indicate our interest to adopt. We went for a few interactions with Scooby at his foster home before we took him for the trial homestay. It was tough to say the least. He had zero trust in us, causing him to have separation anxiety, accidents at home when he was grass trained, and aggression issues like food aggression, growling when we were too close and many more. We actually thought about not going through with the adoption. However, we received tons of help from Alvin, (Scooby’s fosterer) and our rehomer Shermaine! To be quite honest, their help and support was what got us through the first week. We decided to go through with the adoption despite our hesitations, and it was a constant battle with him for two months, until he finally settled down. He still has his issues but we decided to start fostering as well because no one can have only one dog, it’s ridiculous!!! Since then, he’s been a fantastic big brother, teaching his foster siblings the ins and outs of being his best play-buddy and helping us help the foster dogs with whatever problems they come with. Scooby isn’t the most well behaved pup, but he continues to prove himself to be the best decision we’ve ever made every single day.”

– Annabel, his adopter

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