Shermaine Tay, Fosterer

Date: April 18, 2017 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight
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Shermaine Tay Fosterer 180417
Some of you may have seen or heard us looking for fosterers before. The fosterers are a very important part of SOSD’s efforts to help the dogs of Singapore, and we could always use more help in this area.

Shermaine Tay, one of our fosterers, came to know about SOSD through her friend, another volunteer. Shermaine and her family eventually come to foster Talia, Asher, and Tinkerbell, helping to provide them with a warm and loving place to live in while waiting for a new home to call their own.

“Talia was really obedient. Walking her was initially a little challenging due to her timid nature, but it got better after a few times. She is also very affectionate, and it’s really heartening to see her reciprocating our love (with jumps and kisses!).

Asher was my next foster dog and he came to me already paper-trained and walking very well on the leash, all learned just in one week! This shows that rescue dogs can be just like any other breeds out there; they can be trained and be very well-behaved.

Last but not least, Tinkerbell! She was “fresh” from the shelter and I picked her up after her quarantine. She was really timid initially, taking her a few days to warm up to my family and me. After that though, she showed us how bubbly and affectionate she can be!

The three of them were quite different dogs, but they all brought much joy and many wonderful experiences for my family and me. Fostering a dog can get pretty demanding and frustrating, but it is a truly fulfilling experience, watching all the little ones (maybe not so little in size) grow and learn. Just from the kind act of fostering, the dogs’ lives are saved from the harsh environment they used to live in, as well as from being euthanized. Even better, it saves not only one but two dogs’ lives since one getting fostered means there will be capacity in the shelter for another dog to be rescued.

It’s our choice to give the furry kids a chance to live happily just like any other pet. With fostered dogs, the hardest goodbyes lead to happy endings rather than sad ones, as they get to move on into their forever homes.”


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