Silly Happy Peppar

Date: October 4, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Peppar was given up by his previous owner and when he was found, his overgrown coat covered a maggot-infested wound. He also had a terrible case of ear and skin infection and rotten teeth requiring extraction. Due to the pain from his condition, Peppar was aggressive to his then fosterer.

Aimee was looking for a dog to make her home feel like a home and when she came across Peppar, and despite Peppar being an eight-year-old dog, Aimee felt an instant connection with Peppar. When Peppar first arrived at Aimee’s place, he would bite whenever Aimee gave him his eye and ear drops. Peppar also required a soft cone as he did not tolerate the hard cone around his neck. Thankfully Aimee knew a vet down the road and Peppar received treatment twice a day.

When Peppar recovered and was free from pain and fear, the aggression disappeared. A few weeks after adoption, no one could tell that Peppar was once an aggressive dog given the cuddly, friendly and very playful dog he’d become. He enjoys making new human friends and according to Aimee is very “chatty”. With Peppar, Aimee thinks that her home finally feels like a home.

Peppar never fails to surprise or bring laughter to Aimee. From the day Peppar stopped snapping at Aimee during his bath time, Aimee knew that there was a bond between them. Peppar has also learned to play with his toys. There is never a boring moment at home just watching Peppar enjoying himself, being his silly happy self.

Whenever Aimee travels, Peppar will attempt to claim a space in the suitcase by climbing into the suitcase.

Despite his age, Peppar is definitely not an “old dog” as he behaves like a puppy after recovering from his injuries and he completely loves living his new life. Peppar also showed that older dogs are not difficult to train as within weeks, he was grass-trained and can sit and return on demand.

“Older dogs are as excited about life and as easy to train as puppies but they probably deserve the love much more if they were rescued from a tough past. I would always adopt an older dog from now on” – Aimee.

Adopting an old dog may not seem appealing to many, however, seeing them change in an environment filled with love and care is definitely very special.

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