Smile with Happi

Date: March 16, 2016 | Posted in: Fundraising
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Introducing: HAPPI, a very unique platform which will allow anyone to help raise funds for SOSD for FREE!

Give your Support by Signing up app @ iPhone | Android
Don’t forget to type in promo code SOSD
Win yourself a prize by “Smile” at a product.

Take 5 survey question in just 30 seconds and $0.20 will be donated to SOSD. The data (only the data and not your details) is mined and sold to companies, thus funding this charitable cause.

We hope you can help us too – as every bit of effort counts to raise fund for SOSD. You can do it when waiting for a bus, riding the MRT. This will be a way to raise funds for SOSD even if you have only limited pocket money or time.

All it takes is for 1000 of you, to Smile 7x a week, to help SOSD raise $144,000 a year!

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