Sweet Little Ona

Date: August 9, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories, Video
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Remember the pitiful breeding dogs that were rescued on New Year’s eve? Here’s a sweet adoption story for one of the Frenchies rescued!

“We used to have a pug named Pochi. When she passed away at the beginning of the year, the entire family was devastated. After a period of emptiness, we chanced upon SOSD’s Facebook post on their rescue of a few breeding dogs.

We have long been a follower of SOSD’s Facebook and always admired the idea of adoption. When we saw Ona, we knew at once this little furball would be perfect for us. Ona was such a sweet little girl. She was so brave and good-natured around people despite all she’s been through.

On 20th February 2017, we brought a timid, trembling Ona to her forever home. This was the happiest moment that has ever been for the family in months. In the weeks after, we witnessed Ona’s transformation. She grew more cheerful and her smile became wider. She explored smells and places like a newborn. Slowly, she learned that daily walks are happy things, grasses are fun to run on, and the kitchen is the place to nick a snack or two. Every weekend was as much an adventure for us as for Ona, exploring new places together. Watching her was so much joy!

From someone who had the experience of bringing in a puppy and now, adopting a mature dog, I would say adopting wasn’t that much different. But adoption gave deeper satisfaction and joy. It still amazes me how accepting a dog can be in spite of her bad experiences with humans.

Give them time and love, and with an open mind, you will be surprised what a difference it can make to the dog. Given the great joy we received in return, well… we are definitely the ones in luck!”

– Cheryl, proud mama of Ona

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