Sweet-natured, Gentle Dog Saturn

Date: April 12, 2020 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“When Jaslynn recommended Saturn to us, we were hesitant. We preferred a younger dog because we felt that a senior dog wouldn’t have many years to spend with us and might have health issues. Jaslynn convinced us that Saturn would be a good fit for our family as a senior dog is low energy and good for first-time owners especially we have an elderly mom. After some thought, we decided to have the one week homestay trial. For the first few days, Saturn kept a distance from us. She only came to us when we were going to walk or feed her. But as days go by, Saturn started to greet us when we come home and becoming nosy. She will ‘patrol’ room to room to see what we are doing. At any point of time when we are doing anything, she will come over and see what it is.

Saturn is a truly sweet-natured, gentle dog, we have not heard her bark till now! She is low energy and low maintenance, and easy to take care of.

She will be at the door waiting when I come home, tail-wagging, licks and whines with joy. In the morning, she will greet me with a “good morning” by licking my hand.

I get the benefit of getting more exercise through walks with Saturn. For my mom, Saturn is a good companion dog. Since my dad passed away, she wouldn’t sit in the living room as it evoked memories. But now, she feels more comfortable sitting there with Saturn’s presence and even sleeps there on some nights. She said Saturn fills up the empty space in the room.

We are glad to have listened to Jaslynn’s advise to adopt a mature dog. Street dogs are more grateful, loyal and unconditionally loving as they know they have been saved.”

To Saturn’s lovely owners: thank you so much for taking her in! And we definitely agree — most older dogs are low-maintenance and low-energy, making them perfect for first-time owners or busy working professionals.

If you’re keen to learn more about adopting a dog from SOSD, please visit https://sosd.org.sg/adopt-a-dog/.

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