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Date: December 14, 2018 | Posted in: News
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We have been working on many TNRM (Trap Neuter Release Manage) sites for a few years now to prove that TNRM rather than culling works. And we are ecstatic over the launch of the islandwide sterilisation programme. But there is much work to be done.

Sembawang, one of our newest sites, started off with a smaller area but as we ramp up on efforts, the perimeter has expanded to cover a military base, a shipyard, nearby residential estates and many patches of forests.

We discover more feeders and more dogs waiting to be trapped for TNR and pups waiting to be rehomed.

Isaac and his 2 siblings were 3 pups hiding in a forest in Canberra. Our arrangement was to TNR their parents and the feeders will rehome the pups as we had our hands full with 3 litters of pups from our TNRM sites.

Little did we know that the 3 pups were off to a rough start as the so-called adopter, after taking the pups, refused to disclose the location of the house where the pups were brought to, and dragged his feet in bringing them to the vet, the result of which they were neither microchipped nor vaccinated.

More than a week after we trapped the pups and handed them over to the rehomer, we were informed that all 3 pups escaped from the so-called adopter’s house! We gave the so-called adopter a lost dog action list, but he did nothing except to say his helper had caught Isaac and failed to find the other 2. Other dog lovers came to assist with the search and posting of lost pups online posts. But he refused to tell us the address where the pups escaped from.

Since information was not forthcoming from the so-called adopter, we conducted our own investigations and found out where the house was and the factory that the so-called owner was linked to.

We then discovered that Isaac was not at home where he was supposed to be, but chained up under a makeshift shed in a car workshop in Jurong with flashy cars parked inside and outside. This was consistent with what was all along the intended fate of these pups when the initial SOS call to SOSD to help the pups started off with a lady asking us to help these pups by taking them out of the forest. One suggestion was to bring them to a factory in Jurong but that suddenly changed to a landed property in Jurong.

Who better to ask for help than the very organisation that champions a stop to the chaining of dogs. <a href=”” target=”_Blank”>CDAS</a> came forward to take little innocent Isaac under their arms to give him a proper home where he will be treated as a loving member of the family, rather than being a slave chained up in a factory as a guard dog.

Thank you CDAS!

Please help CDAS find a good home for sweet Isaac. For more information on adopting him, please contact CDAS.

As an update, Socks, the other missing male pup has been found and trapped.

Please keep a look out for Braveheart, the last missing female pup who may have been last sighted together with Socks near the Canadian International School in Jurong. She is not sterilised and has the potential to add onto future populations of strays.

CDAS posts on Isaac :
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