The Life of A Street Dog

Date: February 2, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

The Life of A Street Dog2
Not all dogs are born in a happy family.
Street dogs are born on the streets with no food and water.
They do not have a shelter when it rains.
They can only find food in the rubbish bin and drink dirty water from the road.
Most of the time they will fall sick because of the dirty food and water.
Some of them will die. Some will be knocked down by cars, some will get beaten by bad people.
Only a few dogs get rescued by nice and kind people who will try to find them good homes.
Not all street dogs are fierce, they are trying to protect themselves from danger. A lot of them are sweet and gentle.
Please give them a loving home.
Adopt don’t buy.
– Written and illustrated by Ernice Yeo (7 years old)

The Life of A Street Dog4
Ernice and family adopted Casey (the happy brown dog in the pictures) from us last year. The two girls have been besties since then, and they have grown to be so inseparable.

Thank you Ernice for sharing your story with us! Keep writing, and one day, we hope people around the world will be inspired by your little story and step out to love our street dogs, just like you did.

The Life of A Street Dog3

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