True Blue Singaporean Colby

Date: July 16, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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If Colby had a dating profile, it would read, “loves long walks and sitting by the water contemplating life and food.”

We went to a few adoption drives over the past year but didn’t find a dog that we felt was suitable. Colby then came to our attention when we saw his profile on the SOSD August adoption drive album. His manja face and description seemed like what we were looking for and he was HDB-approved as well!!

During homestay, Colby was so compliant and gentle even with the not-so-pleasant affairs like bathing and going to the vet. The issue we had was him requiring twice-daily two-hour long walks before he was willing to go home. Even running six km with him wasn’t sufficient! We questioned whether Colby was a free-spirited kampung boy who perhaps would be much happier in Pulau Ubin and maybe living in an HDB flat wasn’t in his best interest.

Thanks to SOSD volunteers who came down on a Saturday night to guide us for his walks, he now walks much better on the leash and we are better able to cajole him to come home when it’s time.

Colby is a really zen dog and he perhaps has an appreciation of life more typical of older dogs than for a three-year-old. He doesn’t seem to like typical doggie things like playing with toys or playing with other dogs. However, he loves affection, particularly head scratches, hugs and belly rubs. He’s a gentle boy who would go up to anyone for affection and doesn’t upset the flocks of pigeons in the estate or the community cats when we pass them by. His only nemesis so far is a resident cat which would trigger his primal instinct. The neighbours love him as he’s quiet and friendly despite his perpetual look of unimpressed disdain.

Colby is definitely not a poster boy for healthy eating as he would artfully spit out every last morsel of vegetable you put in his dish and fruits are a no-no too. However, being the ever true blue Singaporean, he loves DURIAN!

We look forward to his wagging tail and affection when we return home each day and we hope that, in our home, he feels the security and happiness he deserves.

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