Ubin Special, Whyah

Date: February 4, 2018 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“Hi! I’m Whyah. I’m four years old and I was born on Pulau Ubin. My friends and I lived at a resort, but when that closed down, we had to forage for food. I’ll never forget the day when I was attacked by wild boars. They left me bleeding from huge gashes; I was so frightened…I thought I was going to die. I was eventually found and surrounded by humans who seemed helpful as I bore with the pain and fought for my life. With luck, I managed to pull through and was brought to live with many other doggies in Pasir Ris. My elbow wound was still raw and I had to wear the cumbersome cone of shame – so embarrassing! But I was always excited for walks – on most days, I forgot I had a limp!

One day, thanks to my human friend Xulan of the “rehoming team”, I was driven to a new place. I was unsure, so I kept to myself in a little corner. There were three other humans; they fussed over me and my wound daily – the youngest one especially. They seemed nice and I started to trust them; they even got me a huge bed! I’m so happy when they return home from their outings that I make sure they know it by whining and shaking my butt as hard as I can! But little did I know that they had intended to keep me only for a while, until my elbow got better…I dreaded the day when I had to leave, but with another stroke of luck, that day didn’t come. Maybe I had gradually won their hearts? When the youngest human gave me a brand new collar with my own name tag, I was so happy because then I knew I officially belonged, and this will be my home!

Life is much better now (except for all the baths I have to endure). I have many toys and meals are delivered to me promptly – I can even afford to be picky about my food now, hehe! Gone are the days where I starved and had to resort to chewing on twigs. I’m not sure what I’ve done exactly to earn a place here, but the humans seem to smile and laugh much more – my suspicion is that it’s because of me!

Unfortunately, many of my friends are still waiting for the day where they can have their own happy story to tell, and I’m sure they are just as able to make their humans smile too! So if you’re looking for a companion like me to love you back, please don’t forget to consider a Singapore (or perhaps Ubin) Special!”

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