An unexpected turn for Melissa and Wayne

Date: December 10, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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You know how despite all your best laid plans, things just don’t turn out the way you expected? And how when you try to give something a chance, you end up wondering whether it was worth it to try? Well, Melissa and Wayne sure know all these! Here is their story…

Earlier this year, the couple visited an SOSD adoption drive and fell in love with a dog there. They were smitten and spent the next few months spending time with it whenever they could. No effort was spared to spend precious moments with their new love, be it at adoption drives or at the fosterer, Alvin’s, house. But fate is a funny thing and life took an unexpected turn for M&W. By the time they resolved the issue, it was too late. The dog had been adopted by someone else.

The disappointment was crushing. After months of invested emotions, it was hard to find another dog that could match up, and the couple were at a loss as to what to do. Then one day, they realised: instead of looking far and wide, they could take a chance on another dog being fostered by Alvin. Perhaps their first love’s foster sibling would be similarly lovable?

Well, other couples have honeymoon phases but let’s just say M&W and Gaeas… did not. M&W were hapless as first time dog owners, and Gaeas did not make things easy. He tried pushing his boundaries as much as possible, he nipped fingers, barked when they ate and clambered onto kitchen counters. During walks, perhaps uncertain in a new environment, Gaeas would growl and aggressively lunge at other dogs. It was a crazy first few weeks and the couple wondered whether this was all a big mistake.

Nonetheless, they decided to persevere. They sought support from Alvin and rehomers, and diligently went for training classes with Gaeas to learn how to better understand and handle him.

Indeed, true love never fails! Today, Gaeas is much more calm and obedient and has won the hearts of all his humans. As a well-trained canine citizen, Gaeas has nicely adapted to M&W’s daily schedule and entertains himself when they are busy. The couple now can’t imagine a day without him and watching his silly antics. They eagerly return home every day for his kisses and wagging tail. Humans and pooch couldn’t be happier 🙂

M&W have found their special one in Gaeas and would like to tell everyone that Singapore Specials deserve a chance. Look beyond color, breed and first impressions; like them, you might also find your true love waiting to be revealed!

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