Volunteer in Spotlight 2020: Michele Goh

Date: January 21, 2020 | Posted in: Staff/Volunteer Spotlight
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A giving heart, a kind soul, and a warm home complete with supportive husband, a gem of a baby, and a loving doggo – Michele Goh is truly blessed.

Chinese New Year is just right round the corner, where families come together to multiply happiness, and this post sums it all up. Michele started out as a Kennel volunteer 4 years ago at SOSD, and subsequently joined our Writers team, and also took on the role of our Training Coordinator.

In Jan 2017, she fell in love with Yuki (formerly known as Sayang, and the dog in the picture) the first time she walked her, and swept her home just after 2 more pack walks with her (of course, with the proper rehoming procedures in place). “I’ve always had a soft spot for shy dogs, and Yuki certainly fit the bill- it took some coaxing before she would even venture out from her corner to take treats from us. Since then, she’s overcome some of her fears, and has been my furry rock through some tough times.”

2 years later, Michele and her husband were blessed with a baby boy (pictured with Yuki above), and they are very proud of Yuki for handling it so well. “Worried she might feel left out with all the fuss about the new addition, we tried to give her more attention whenever possible- a quick pat on the head on the way to changing a diaper, and a more thorough snuggle whenever the baby slept. We also tried to include the baby in activities she loves, like going on walks. For a dog that used to be scared of children, she now greets him with a sniff and lick, and waits patiently beside him during mealtimes for his leftovers. I love seeing them blossom in each other’s company, and I can’t wait for the day they can play together.”

Meaningful volunteer experiences include not just your personal journey but also your whole family unit at home AND at SOSD. Says Michele of her experience, “I joined for the dogs, but unexpectedly stayed for the people. There are so many awesome, yet unassuming vollies who quietly take on tasks simply because work needs to be done, so I feel I need to do my part too and not let them down. The camaraderie between vollies (especially the Saturday Packwalk team!) is also a joy to be part of, especially given the varied ages and backgrounds of the vollies.

This isn’t just a shelter for street dogs; it’s a community of people who truly love our Singapore Specials. It’s been a life-changing experience for me, and I hope it’ll be the same for you.”

To enrich your life with another family member and create a magical journey, visit https://sosd.org.sg/adopt-a-dog/how-to-adopt/

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