Weasley and the Tan family

Date: January 7, 2018 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“We were looking to have a dog and found a puppy-for-adoption post on SOSD’s Facebook page. We submitted the online form but the puppy was already taken. After finding out more about our family, we were referred to SOSD rehomer, Maureen, who recommended Weasley to us.

We looked up his profile on the SOSD website and thought he looked big and we were skeptical if he’s a good fit for us. When we met up with Weasley at the shelter, we were surprised to find him gentle of demeanor. He was totally the opposite of what his picture suggested – big and hulky.

Weasley came to our home for interaction time and started homestay in mid-Oct. He was great at our home, being quiet and patient with us. But walking him turned out to be challenging as he’s afraid of almost anything and everything. People, other dogs, vehicles, kids, e-scooters, his own shadow, etc, these all scare him. He stalled almost every few steps and we struggled with him.

After a session with a wonderful dog trainer, Su Lin, his walks started getting better and he’s learning to obey the leash. It is still work in progress as there are times when his insecurity would kick in.

Weasley isn’t one of the most handsome, or super interactive dog around. He doesn’t respond to his name, don’t care to learn any commands or tricks, etc. But his endearing gentle whines as he approaches for his favorite head rubs, his butt shaking, tail wagging dance welcoming us home after a long day at work/school, these all touch our hearts.

Dogs like Weasley don’t attract much attention just because they are shy and wary around strangers. Yet they are gentle and really make good companions. We certainly hope that anyone out there looking for a canine friend will give doggies like Weasley a chance and give them a home. It’ll take time, effort and plenty of patience from both human and canine partners but trust us it is rewardingly heartwarming.”

From Weasley’s adopters, the Tan family

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