Weekend Volunteer, Connie

Date: August 8, 2016 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight


Meet Connie, an active volunteer at SOSD.

Connie’s volunteer journey started in 2013, the same year when SOSD took over Mdm Yap’s abandoned shelter. It was Connie’s sister, Colleen (another SOSD volunteer) who stumbled upon a website that covered the heartbreaking story of 26 dogs that were abandoned and left to die.

This pair of sisters knew instantly that SOSD required all the help they could get and they quickly volunteered their time towards saving the dogs that were left in the shelter.

Connie simply enjoys the company of furry friends. But as a working adult, she could only volunteer on weekends.

When the weekend comes, Connie can be seen spending her time helping out with the kennel team, rehab team, medical team and merchandise team. She also chips in to help with SOSD’s rehoming efforts. One may wonder, “How is that possible? How does she allocate her time?”

“Good time management is crucial in order for me to balance my work, life and volunteer activities”

Volunteering was not always a rosy experience for Connie, she has had to deal with the departures of some shelter dogs.

“I had a special connection with Ticker, but he passed away due to an illness and that left a void in my heart.”

But what keeps Connie going is the fact that every little action can lead to big rewards.

“When I see dogs in rehabilitation, able to respond to their names and join in our pack walks, I am overwhelmed with happiness. These are my proud “mummy” moments”.

“Volunteering at SOSD has taught me that I can be the voice of these animals. They can’t speak but we can and I always use various opportunities to educate others that having a dog is a lifetime commitment. Dogs are part of our family.”

SOSD is like a big family to Connie. She made many new friends while volunteering over the past three years.

“I hope that more people are willing to open their hearts to shelter dogs. Do join our big family and have fun volunteering together.”

Sign up as a volunteer today at http://sosd.org.sg/join-us-as-volunteers/

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