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Thank you for choosing to FOSTER.

To help us understand you better, and to facilitate finding a suitable dog for you, please take some time to answer the questions below.

The Importance of Fostering

Fostering is important as it helps reduce overcrowding in the shelter and opens up space for another dog to be saved.

As a fosterer, you help prepare the dog for adoption by getting them used to living in a home, helping them overcome their fears, and training them to be confident, balanced dogs.

SOSD covers the medical cost of the foster dog (prior approval required), while the fosterer takes on the rest of the daily expenses of the dog.

When the time comes, it might be hard to say goodbye to the dog you have bonded with, but remember that you have made a difference to your foster dog and have contributed to giving him a new lease of life.

On behalf of the dogs, thank you for opening up your home and hearts to them.

Please attend our Fosterer Briefing before filling out this form.

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    About Your Family

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    About Your Home

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    About The Dog

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    We will be getting back to you shortly, on the next steps of the fostering process, either through phone or email. Do check your junk folder if you do not hear from us in 1 week's time.

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    I agree that SOSD may retain, use and/or disclose my personal data to its volunteers and other third parties for purpose of or in connection with any adoption or foster of its dogs or for monitoring / re-homing / assuring the well-being of its dogs as well as for the purpose of providing information which SOSD thinks I may find of interest. (required)

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