What is Sponsoring & How?

Become a Dog Sponsor in Singapore

Give one of our animal friends a chance to enjoy a new life by sponsoring a dog from SOSD.

Sponsoring is a great option for those who have never owned a dog, or who do not have the space at home for a dog but want all the love and affection that comes with having a pup of their own. When you choose to become a dog sponsor, it helps defray the costs of upkeeping your sponsored dog at our kennel, and their day-to-day needs are taken care of by our volunteers and staff. This way sponsors are free to visit and play with a pet they have come to know and love without having to worry about the many responsibilities that living with a dog entails.

What happens when I become a sponsor?

This program is for people in Singapore who would love to have a dog of their own, but lack the time, space, energy or skills to take care of one. Dogs need a lot of care, attention and love to thrive, but we don’t believe that these things should be a barrier to enjoying the fun and joy that comes with spending time with a dog. Weekly visits can involve anything from a walk to the dog run to quiet cuddles and one of our friendly SOSD volunteers will always be there to supervise and make sure both you and your dog have a good time. In recognition of your kindness, your name will be showcased at the front of the dog enclosure.

How much does it cost to sponsor a dog?

The cost of becoming a sponsor is determined by the dog’s individual needs. Different dogs require different levels of care just like humans, and factors like health, size, age, medical and rehabilitation needs, and dietary requirements all influence how much it costs to keep an animal healthy and happy. Our sponsorship program is specifically designed to pair people with special dogs who we feel might require a longer stay in our shelter (over 3 months) before being able to move to their forever home. The minimum sponsorship period is three months and can continue until the dog is adopted. Monthly payments are deducted via GIRO. Sponsors have the option to cancel their payments by giving notice a month in advance.

Instead of buying your friend or loved one a present, why not consider giving them something more meaningful by sponsoring a dog on their behalf?

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