Dr. Siew Tuck Wah


“Our street dogs endure immense hardship to find food, water and shelter. They are misunderstood and persecuted in an increasingly modern Singapore, All they seek is our compassion and understanding, and a chance to show us that they too, can be loving companions.” 

Chan Yuen Leng

Chan Yuen Leng


“Having raised so many Singapore Special babies, I have learned that each is unique in its appearance and temperament but all are perceptive, loving and faithful. They fill my heart with so much warmth and joy, I miss them when they leave. But each time our Singapore Specials find a loving forever family is a […]

Ong Hua


“It was many years after my separation with my childhood playmate that I got to know that she was a.k.a Singapore Special. Three decades since the separation, I guess it is fated for me to have another Singapore Special to be part of my life. Duchess, whom we have adopted from SOSD have brought much […]

Malina Tjhin

Malina Tjhin

Management Committee Member

“My childhood years spent in the company of animals have taught me that there is value in the lives of sentient beings. It has fueled my passion to stray feed and rescue street dogs tirelessly for the past 15 years.”

Ariel Chen

Management Committee Member, Head of Volunteer Management

“Caring for strays is not a fad and no mean feat. What keeps me going week after week for the past seven years (and going) is seeing these sweet babies who are sometimes misunderstood have a roof on their heads or a home to shed their fears and put their defences down in a safe […]

Kieran Kua

Management Committee Member, Shelter Manager

“The greatest reward in this work is when a feral dog eats in our presence for the first time; wags it’s tail at the sight of us for the first time; allows us to pat it for the first time; goes for a walk outside for the first time; finds a forever home, a loving […]

Lynnette Chia

Management Committee Member, Head of Rehoming

“Animal welfare has come a long way, yet there is so much that still needs to be done. The work is tireless and I am fortunate to be able to contribute alongside a wonderful team of people. The reward comes in knowing that we have made a difference in the lives of the dogs that […]

Dorothy Yew

Management Committee Member, Fundraising IC

“I hope that in some small way, I could help the stray dogs in our society. By being a part of SOSD, I hope to be able to raise the awareness to help save our street dogs. For them to have a safe refuge in which they would be cared for, be loved and ultimately […]

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