Wonderful Addition, Alexis

Date: September 24, 2019 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Joven asked if he could get a dog for Christmas in Dec 2018 and went on to show us some slides about the situation of abandoned dogs and explained why we should adopt one.

We attended the adoption drive at JCube and the children identified a few dogs and passed on the names. As we were walking out to the lift we noticed this little pup with bubbling energy in the corner.

She was not very keen to meet people and kept hovering into a corner and we were told she is a bit anxious. So we asked Joven if he could include her name to the list too.

A few weeks passed and Joven kept checking and was told that a home visit would be scheduled.

During the home visit we asked if Alexis was available for adoption and were told she was but so was another dog we had identified.

We were told to come for the next adoption drive to meet the dogs and see how they responded.

When we went, Joven found it quite easy to interact with Alexis and he spent the next two hours sitting with her and it seemed they could bond well.

A home stay was arranged soon after and we made the necessary arrangements. Soon the two weeks passed and we were quite sure Alexis was here to stay 😊

Now it’s been more than three months.

Her routine is a morning walk, evening walk around 5. Active play time includes fetching the ball and time to relax by chewing on an antler to calm her after her activity.

We find Alexis to be a very “knowing” dog she does not like to upset us by doing her business in the house so she will hover by the door or whine in a way we know.

She is very loving and has become more secure and this is displayed in many ways. She is easy to train and does not cross the boundaries.

As a family, we have found Alexis has made a wonderful addition to our family.

We have seen the dad of the house becoming very engaged with Alexis and we think that is quite a transformation.

Recommendations to others:
You must be willing to invest the time.
The whole family should be together in the decision n supportive (without it, there can be conflicts which won’t be helpful)
Everyone should take responsibility so the work load is divided.)

The Arnold family shares their sweet story of adoption and reminds us that though the journey isn’t easy, it still pays off eventually!

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