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Dog Details Sponsored By: Beatrice & Ronald

Name: Alexi
Estimated DOB: 15 Jul 2018
Sex: Female
HDB Approved: No

Personality: Alexi was severely infected by tetanus virus when she was rescued, and was fighting for her life at the vet for a whole month. Thankfully, with her vets care, she made an amazing recovery, and is one cheerful and active pup today!

When she was ill, she could not move, as the virus had invaded her entire body. Her body was paralyzed – she could not even swallow her food, and had to be fed with a tube. Now that she’s regained use of her limbs, she thoroughly enjoys going for long walks, as if she knows she needs the exercise, in order to loosen her joints that had been unused for so many weeks. 

Alexi is a sweet girl who’s just starting to discover the wonders of life, experiencing new things in our human world. Some things might spook her because they’re just so foreign to her, but all she needs is some assurance and she would brave through it, like how she did with her illness!

We have done our part in saving her life, and we think she’s ready for the next phase, of finding a family that would care for her for the rest of her lift. Do consider adopting her!

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