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Name: Bruno
Estimated DOB: 1 Mar 2010
Sex: Male
HDB Approved: No

Personality: Bruno had enjoyed life on the streets for 3 years prior to being rescued, and he was not about to be left in a cage without a fight! Bruno broke numerous cages in attempt to jail break, and back at our old Pasir Ris shelter, none of the cages could withstand his will to escape. In the end, one of our then volunteers moved him to another boarding kennel, which had tougher cages which prevented him from escaping.

Years passed, and Bruno had learnt to settle in to life in the kennels. Attempts to find him a home had proved futile. Bruno has aged, and mellowed, but despite that, he remains loving and loyal to the volunteers that cared for him. At 9 years old, Bruno’s chances of finding a home is slowly slipping away, and the possibility of him spending the rest of his life in the kennels is looming.

Over the Christmas holidays last year, a volunteer at the other kennel took him home for a few days, to let him experience the warmth of a home. He behaved wonderfully – he did his business outside the house, didn’t chew on any furniture or things he wasn’t supposed to. He stayed close to the humans, spending most of his time just lying close to them, seemingly just satisfied that he had somewhere safe and comfortable, away from the noise of other barking dogs.

Despite being 9 years old, Bruno is very puppy-like. He absolutely loves tummy rubs, and when we saw him for the first time last week, he even stole some kisses despite not knowing us at all. This big goofy boy gets along great even with kids. As for with other dogs, we’d say he very much prefers humans over dogs.

Bruno has been through so much – from the streets, then moving from kennel to kennel. With the move from Pasir Ris to Sungei Tengah, his kennel space has also shrunk, but he’s taken it all in his stride. We think he deserves a home, right about now.

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