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Gender: Male
HDB Approved: No

Estimated DOB: 1 Jan 2015

Personality: Carrot is a giant ball of affection, always welcoming us happily whenever we enter his enclosure. He’s a lazy boy who would likely be a couch potato at home, preferring to stay in to laze rather than to head out for adventures. He would do extremely well in a home with a garden, so that he can do his potty outside without having to walk too far. Yes, he’s a lazy boy indeed!

Carrot was recently diagnosed with cancer, but has gone through surgery and is now fully recovered. He had to have his tongue removed, and he will need to be hand fed all his meals. However, he is very cooperative and it does not take much longer than a usual dog to finish his meals. He’s really a good boy that deserves a good home and a loving family!

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