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Sponsored by Yap Swee Peng

Gender: Female
HDB Approved: Yes

Estimated DOB: 1 Nov 2015

Personality: Cauliflower’s pups were rescued a year before she was, when we trapped, neutered and released her back to the site. Unfortunately, it seemed she had gotten into a fight with other dogs, and had her eyelid torn open, causing an infection for a couple of days. Thankfully, we could trap her quickly, and brought her back to shelter for treatment. It didn’t take long for eye to fully recover, nor for us to fall head over heels for this cutie! Cauli may be a little apprehensive towards people, but her heli-tail and tucked back ears give her happiness and excitement away, each time we call her name. She’s also quickly learning to walk on leash, and we’re looking forward to the day a family comes along to adopt her!

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