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Gender: Male
HDB Approved: No

Estimated DOB: 1 Feb 2014

Personality: As a young puppy, Chico was constantly tied up against a concrete slab due to complaints about his existence in the area, but when he became strong enough to move the concrete slab, it fell on him and crushed his leg. To prevent further aggravation of his injury, his activity had to be limited, which meant being penned up. As a growing, hyperactive puppy, Chico had no way to expand his energy. And because of the pain he constantly felt in his leg and the discomfort of wearing a cone, Chico displayed aggression whenever he was caged. Fosterers could not handle him, and he had to be sent to shelter.

Chico is wary of strangers, and would snap in defence if a stranger tries to touch him. He definitely needs some time and several walks to warm up to people, and when he does, he becomes incredibly sweet with handlers that he has come to know.

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