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Gender: Male
HDB Approved: No

Estimated DOB: 1 May 2016

Personality: A year ago, Curly (aka Two) came to us as a Trap-Neuter-Release dog from one of the sites we’re working on. His caregiver from Thailand cared for him and his friend Frenchy (aka Hiao) very much, and agreed to allow us to sterilize them both. After recovering from surgery, we released both of them back to the home they knew, like all the other dogs we’ve sterilized.

2 months ago, we got a call for help from his caregiver. Curly got into a dog fight with a roaming pack of dogs that suddenly appeared in the area. He had a puncture wound near his groin. Thankfully, Frenchy, who was much bigger sized than Curly, stayed out of the rumble.

We quickly brought him in before the wound got any worse, and he made a quick recovery. 2 weeks later, he was released back home once more.

Last week, his caregiver called us again. This time, Curly had gotten into another skirmish with the same 3 dogs. He was outnumbered 3 to 1 but still managed to defend his turf, fighting bravely for his life even though he was a lot smaller than each of his 3 opponents! The injuries were more serious this time round, and we had to rush him to the vet.

To our relief, Curly didn’t break or dislocate any bones, but his wounds were very deep and he had to be warded for nearly a week.

Despite his pain, he allowed the vets to tend to his wounds, sometimes whimpering and fidgeting a little, but never snapping or biting.

Curly’s good nature has won all of us over, and we cannot bear to put him back and risk him getting into another fight. His caregiver who cared for him agreed that this was the best option, as they too didn’t want him to get injured yet again.

Curly is a sweet boy who we are sure will be a delight to have at home! He’s probably grass-trained, as he doesn’t do his business in his own kennel, only relieving himself when he’s brought out for walks.

Do consider adopting Curly!

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