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Sponsored by Felicia Tan

Gender: Male
HDB Approved: Yes

Estimated DOB: 16 Jan 2019

Personality: Giggles was returned after 6 months of being adopted – because he had bitten several people at home. We remember Giggles to be very timid when he was a pup, and had warmed up gradually in his time with us. He had subsequently moved to a fosterer, who adored him and didn’t display any signs of aggression till several months after he was adopted. We wonder what might have caused him to start biting.

When Giggles first returned to shelter, he was very uncertain and nervous, and refused to eat for a few days. He would however wag his tail briefly when we called him a good boy, and allowed us to leash him to go for walks. He’s let his guard down a bit now, and enjoys playing with the other shelter dogs. We hope this isn’t what the rest of his life looks like tho – he deserves a home, a family that will love him and take care of him for the rest of his life. Giggles has warmed up with us, and enjoys getting head rubs and butt rubs from people he is familiar with.

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