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Groucho Max

Sponsored by Germaine

Gender: Male
HDB Approved: Yes

Estimated DOB: 1 Jun 2015

Personality: Groucho Max was found in Ubi, injured and alone. He had a choke chain on him and he knew basic commands – he should belong to someone, or at least, used to belong to someone. We do not know his story but we do hope to make his future a little brighter.

Groucho has been at the shelter for a while, and he’s come to trust us at the shelter, and is a really sweet boy who enjoys the company of humans. He is very food-motivated. However, he has a high prey-drive, and will not do well in a home with other animals. He can also be unsure when people rough-handle him too much, and may growl or snap to show his displeasure. As such, we do not recommend him to be in a home with young children as well.

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