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Sponsored by Suhen & Leticia

Gender: Male
HDB Approved: Yes

Estimated DOB: 1 Jun 2015

Personality: When Messi was rescued, he didn’t have a single strand of fur on him. We wondered how long he had been suffered from severe skin issues, as his skin had thickened, likely from prolonged period of being left untreated. It’s been several months now, and with proper diet, medications, supplements and regular showers, Messi’s fur is slowly growing back. He now has fur on his back, face, and some parts of his legs, and we hope he will one day be fully covered with fur!

Messi is a little shy with people, and even though he is quite curious and food-motivated, he tends to shun away when we approach him too quickly. However, being the good boy he is, he allows us to tend to his skin issues without a fuss.

We hope he’ll open up to us soon and allow us to bring him out for leash walks, so he can enjoy sniffing the grass outside, as well as soak up some sun, which we are sure would be good for his skin!

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