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Name: Noodles
Estimated DOB: 14 Nov 2017
Sex: Male
HDB Approved: No

Personality: Noodles was adopted when he was a wee pup 3 months old, but was returned to the shelter 6 months later 😢

Noodles grew up an insecure pup, always nervous on walks. Loud noises and sudden movements scared him. He lived with 3 active, boisterous kids, but always got along well with family members, and would guard the house fiercely when there are visitors.

Unfortunately, we got news from the adopters that Noodles had bit a visiting child, and then another a few days later. SOSD had to take him back, or adopters would look for Alternative Solutions. We think we know what they meant, though we hope it surely isn’t an option when people decide to take a dog home. Much as the shelter is overcrowded and overwhelmed, we had to make space for Noodles by hook or by crook.

For the first few days at the shelter, Noodles didn’t eat. He cringed in the corner of his enclosure most of the day, seemingly confused of his new surroundings – dogs barking, strangers passing by his enclosure, cold hard floors. Our shelter manager visited him in his enclosure several times, coaxing him to eat, but he just wouldn’t. He allowed her to pat him though and would wag his tail gently as she called his name.

At 9 months old, Noodles has nearly missed his socialization period. Being nervous by nature, he would benefit from the right exposure.. more pleasant experiences with the things that scared him, so that he understood that running kids weren’t dangerous and weren’t going to harm him or his family. We hope 9 months old isn’t too late to find him another home, and that someone would step forward to take him home, and work with him and his fears and insecurities.

Noodles has slowly gotten used to living in the shelter, but we hope this wouldn’t be the life for him, for the rest of his life. We hope we can still find him a home, a family that would protect him, and love him.

If you’re interested to meet Noodles and make a change in his life, please do drop us an enquiry. Thank you!

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