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Old Max

Sponsored by Yap Swee Peng

Gender: Male
HDB Approved: Yes

Estimated DOB: 1 Jan 2009

Personality: In June 2018, we rescued Old Max who had a massive maggot wound on his ear ( He was warded at the vet for 3 weeks, then spent another 3 months in shelter while we treated him for TVT (a form of STD in dogs). He went through 8 rounds of chemotherapy and was finally given the all clear, and was healthy enough to return to his pack. Old Max had been the alpha of his pack, and we were hopeful that he would be happier being out there with his family.

A few months later, we received bad news from his feeder that Old Max had gotten another maggot wound. Thankfully, a trapper had helped to trap him, and he could receive medical treatment in time.

This time, Old Max spent a weekend at the vet, before we discharged him back to shelter for wound management. Day by day, Old Max’s would healed up, and we are now faced with the dilemma of whether he still belonged out there. He may likely get injured once more, and we might not be lucky enough to save him in time again. However, he is an older dog – we estimate him to be close to 10 years old. He is very aloof and unaffectionate, making him a tough candidate for adoption. Try we we might, Old Max might just face life imprisonment at the shelter.

When you’ve done rescue work for a while, you realise that the welfare of a stray, does not actually mean simply rescuing them from the streets and chucking them in shelter, behind bars. The end game, is to get them adopted, to loving homes.

We know the chances of Old Max catching someone’s eye and stealing someone’s heart is low, but we shall try…

Old Max, 10 year old boy, has come a long way. With lots of patience, the old boy has finally learnt to enjoy walks outside on leash, and is fairly calm around people. He’s finally ready for a home, with a family who would be careful not to lose him.

If you’d like to give Old Max a home where he can live in safety and comfort for the rest of his life, please write in to us!

If you are keen to foster SOSD dogs, please register your interest here.

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