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Name: Pansy
Estimated DOB: 1 Jan 2005
Sex: Female
HDB Approved: No

Personality: 10 year old Pansy is a ex-breeding dog, used to produce puppies for puppy mills. She was thrown out on the streets to die in April 2015. after she had outlived her usefulness as a money making machine.

When rescued, Pansy was seriously ill – with tick fever, a womb infection, and a intestinal infection which nearly killed her. Her dentition was extremely poor from years of neglect; and she was used to being a cage that she did not even dare to walk about. She is blind in both eyes – a result of untreated neglected glaucoma, which caused her eyes to bulge.

After her treatment – removal of her womb, her 16 rotten teeth, and months of medication, she was sent to live her last days at a fosterer – her vet thought she had not much longer to live. But this girl is full of surprises. Today, Pansy is a different girl altogether. Under the loving care of her fosterer, she is now part of the family – a happy girl, who is learning the simple things in life for the first time in her life. In June, she delighted everyone when she learned how to climb the stairs! She has put on weight to become a adorable, chubby and sweet girl. If you meet her for the first time, you will not be able to make out her dark past, other than her inability to see, and her lack of teeth.

Pansy underwent a cataract surgery last year, and has now gained full eyesight in her right eye!

Pansy has been through so much, and we would love for a family who is committed to take really good care of her for the rest of her life to adopt her. She needs daily eye drops and is on a special vet prescribed diet for life.

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