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Dog Details Sponsored By: David He

Name: Randa
Estimated DOB: 1 Apr 2013
Sex: Male

Personality: At only 10 months of age, Randa has been through 3 homes, abandonment, abuse and was finally sent to be put to sleep. When Randa came to us, he had a broken tail – the result of abuse – and he constantly chased it down due to the discomfort of the healing process. After we sought help from the vets to dock his tail, the bahaviour was brought under control. Randa turned out to be a really sweet boy, who simply was recovering from a traumatic childhood. He is extremely affectionate, always rubbing his head against the volunteers to solicit for pats, and if not reciprocated, he would weazle his head under their arms to force a hug out of us!

Unfortunately, due to what he went through, Randa still has episodes of tail chasing. His condition is being managed by medication, but it still happens every now and then, making him unsafe to be around kids or older folks.

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