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Sponsored by JW Heng

Gender: Female
HDB Approved: Yes

Estimated DOB: 1 Sep 2018

Personality: At our TNRM site in Sembawang, one of the feeders who were assisting us with our trapping efforts alerted us to a pair of dogs who recently appeared in the area. After just 2 weeks of feeding them, she could leash them up easily. Seeing that they were fairly domesticated, we feared that they would not survive as strays if we did not rescue them.

It turns out that Roja had already been sterilized – we wonder if she had ever knew a home. When she came to shelter, we could put a leash on her easily, and coax her to walk. She allowed us to pat her, and is getting happier to see us with each passing day. No matter her past, we hope to be able to find her a loving home soon, so her stay in the shelter will not be too long.

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