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Gender: Male
HDB Approved: No

Estimated DOB: 1 Apr 2015

Personality: Ronny was sterilized 4 years ago and was returned to his site, to hopefully live out his life in freedom. Unfortunately, the site had to close down, and despite the feeder’s efforts in trying to find a home for him and his siblings for a year, it all came to naught. Time was up, and we had to evacuate the 3 of them by hook or by crook.

Ronny has been at the shelter for just a few weeks now, but is slowly but surely opening up. He’s the most shy among his siblings, but he lights up the moment he sees the shelter caregivers approach. We’re pretty sure all he needs is some time and TLC!

Ronny is a 5 year old dog that is sometimes so quiet you would completely forget his presence until you feel his wet nose nudging against you asking for head rubs and pats. He loves his walks and always does his signature tail wag when he sees the leash and knows it’s time. During walks, he can be occasionally skittish when joggers or vehicles run/drive past. He’s incredibly gentle and half the time lazy and would enjoy nothing more than just sleeping quietly besides his fosterer. As he is still new to a home environment, there are still things he’s learning and adapting to, i.e. not peeing in the house when left at home without his foster dog brother, and warming up to an entire family.

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