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Gender: Female
HDB Approved: No

Estimated DOB: 1 Jul 2012

Personality: Sandy was supposed to be a case of trap, neuter and release, but as fate has it, she was down with tick fever, and we could not send her for surgery until she was treated.

For the first month with us, Sandy hid in her corner, trying to be invisible whenever we came into her kennel. However, she would be completely co-orperative whenever we took her to the vet, staying completely still regardless of what the vet was doing to her.

Come second month, Sandy started wagging her tail whenever we approached bearing food, and she would gobble down her medications without fuss. She slowly started to grow on us.

As we approach her 3rd month with us, Sandy made a breakthrough. With lots of coaxing, we managed to take her out on leash, despite the sweet girl being so terrified of the leash seemingly threatening to tighten around her neck, the strange sounds the vehicles made, people shuffling their feet as they walk past.

Today, Sandy is one of the favourites at the shelter, always diving down to kiss our feet whenever we come into her enclosure, and eagerly waiting to go out on her walks. She has come a long way, and now, it’s time to find her a home to call her own.

If you are keen to foster SOSD dogs, please register your interest here.

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