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Dog Details Sponsored By: Ang Char Boh

Name: Sebastian
Estimated DOB: 1 Jan 2003
Sex: Male
HDB Approved: Yes

Personality: Sebastian would have loved to have his owner take him to Rainbow Bridge, but unfortunately, his owner left this world before him. His owner’s wife was no longer able to care for him, and decided to give him up. Despite Sebastian’s pleas through his eyes and our volunteer’s persuasion, she was determined to give Sebastian up even though he was already 14 years old.

Old and plagued with skin issues, Sebastian smells and we knew it would be challenging to find him a home. Thankfully, our kind fosterer took him in without thinking and is now giving him a temporary shelter.

For a senior dog, Sebastian is still active and loves to enjoy a ball game. He is sweet and loves human company. However, due to a lack of socialization, he does not get along with all dogs. 100% outdoor-trained and just happy to snooze most of the time.

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