Xiao Bai, Our Heavenly King

Date: July 5, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories, Video

Most “aggressive” dogs are merely misunderstood. It is no fault of theirs as this can happen because of poor socialisation while growing up. But when we look past the label of “aggressiveness”, we often discover many surprises.

Xiao Bai was one was the dogs we took over in 2013 when a shelter owner abandoned her shelter and its 26 dogs. Known to be aggressive, Xiao Bai bit several people who went near him. He and three others were known as the “Four Heavenly Kings” (四大天王).

Despite his known aggressiveness, we did not give up on him. Before we rescued him, he was doomed to a life in his enclosure. But our shelter worker, Nipu, patiently spent time with him, until one day, he finally gained Xiao Bai’s trust.

It was only then that we understood Xiao Bai’s true nature. Like every dog, he yearned affection and had so much love to give in return.
We said goodbye to Xiao Bai when he passed away in his enclosure three days ago. He grew up, grew old, and died in a shelter, against our principles. We strongly feel that all dogs should go to a home; however, in some cases, like Xiao Bai’s, this is not possible.
For these dogs, we do all we can, to give them as good a quality of life as possible. For Xiao Bai, he found a best friend, during his darkest hours. Xiao Bai was there with us, from the beginning, and we will always remember and miss him, even though he’s no longer with us.

Please join us in saying goodbye to this special boy, Our Xiao Bai, Our Heavenly King.

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